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Each task loser had to lie in a grave in the garden with a tombstone marked "RIP" and rise from the grave to become the 'living dead' for the duration of the VIP evening. Big tits massage porn. Each letter was contained in a booby-trapped mail box with sticks of 'dynamite' on top.

Nominations are normally carried out in the privacy of the diary room and are compulsory. Jay mckray naked. Questioned as to whether or not the club would be imposing a ban on brown envelopes, Redknapp refused to be drawn on the matter. Aaron and Louise completed a 'one-night stand' task involving them standing back-to-back in the garden at night until Big Brother said to stop. Orgy And Bess - Richard Desmond's reworking of the George Gershwin opera, set in a TV studio, offering a story of a group of young people being cured of their inhibition through 24 hour nakedness.

The former Baywatch star entered the luxury abode as a surprise guest and was asked to select five contestants to party with her. On Day 24, Jay and Anton were punished by Big Brother by having to wear a hotdog and hamburger suit respectively as a twisted 'reward' for winning the Fast Food Task in order to win drinks for the housemates.

They joined a number of ex-Big Brother housemates and stars at the red carpet preview night. It had a grey shape surrounding the outside and had a pink inner circle further into the eye. Harry won the task after having sat in the coop for nearly nine hours. Lesbian homemade tumblr. The other housemates had to guess the songs and the more songs they guessed, the better the party would gain as a prize, the worst being a peanut party. Housemates competed in a 'Battle of the Brains' shopping task.

Some of the house space was converted to create a luxury apartment for houseguest Pamela Anderson during her stay in the house earlier in the series. As she correctly guessed 3 out of 5 flavours, she passed, thus rescuing Alex.

Aaron, Tashie and Harry are up for eviction. As a bonus, Tom won a cucumber. On Day 33, during the shopping task, Big Brother outed Jem's actual age as 28, not 25 as she had previously stated. An experimental nutrient called Dirty Desmond may be unleashed, with the intention of seeing if alternative stimulus rekindles this species. Get here early tonight for special pricing!! Harry was evicted with the smallest proportion of the vote to save.

In the garden, each housemate stood at a plinth on which a silver serving cloche rested containing a silver envelope which they had to open to reveal a meal. Aaron Allard-Morganbig brotherbig brother housematesHeaven AfricaMaisy Jamesnew big brother housematesnew big brother seriespamela andersonTashie JacksonThomas O'Connell.

Rest of prize reveal on Day Each dish was displayed on a gameshow style board and every time they opened an envelope, they eliminated an option, e. SolihullWest Midlands. The 'living' housemates were awoken and told they must not scream more than 3 times to avoid losing a luxury food budget.

Could a Big Brother romp come next? Pamela Anderson chooses Heaven as top housemate. Alex after 8 hours 3 minutes, after Jem quit.

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On Day 29, Faye's sister Jem entered the house becoming the fifteenth housemate. The task was to solve a drawing puzzle by drawing a continuous line on a clear screen, keeping it in between the two squiggly lines resembling a maze with dots marking the start and finish. Names of sexy girls on facebook. Alex Rosebig brotherbig brother housematesnew big brother housematesnew big brother seriespamela andersonThomas O'Connell.

Tom successfully passed but as he did not receive the explosive reaction needed from Harry, 48 per cent of letter was concealed. Complaints have flooded in as viewers are poised for the most shocking soap storyline since Eastenders 'Big Mo' Slater copped off with that baldy bloke with the grandson, Jay.

The housemates then chose who would face the gorilla in the next two challenges, which involved taking a picture with the gorilla and dressing up as one and gaining the ape's trust. Louise and Faye stripped to their bras and jeans and held hands before jumping into the pool with their denim shorts and jeans on.

One particular sub-species known as the Antipodean Deceiver pictured right shows itself to be worthy of study, as it travels very lengthy distances to plunder fellow organisms' reserves of sustenance, bamboozling those around it with conflicting signals.

They were joined by celebrity houseguest Pamela Anderson, who was waiting for them in the garden.

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Posted by Mark Holliday at 1: There are 14 housemates. The Global Glory Hole http: Big Brother housemates. On Day 26, as Boss of the factory, Jay 'sacked' Aaron and Harry by making them 'redundant' for misbehaving during the Toy Factory shopping task.

Big Brother housemates This coincided with the launch of the new eye logo for However, she had to replace one of the three winners with herself and that housemate would lose their immunity from being nominated. The dribbling sensation was emphatic in his desire not to trade on his personal tragedy, available to read in a twelve page pdf download if required. Harry won the task after having sat in the coop for nearly nine hours.

Analogue Snitch can exclusively show the new business and its premises, a whelk stall in the heart of the City of London. Jay mckray naked. Lucy lenore nude. She had to insult each male housemate and get them to give her a kiss.

Alex 'won' a crockery and cutlery ban for the housemates - they had to hand all the plates, cups and cutlery in to Big Brother. Doors open at 8 pm. Aaron guessed that he was on a task, resulting in a fail. Pamela Anderson chooses Heaven as top housemate. Each task passed would gain 30 seconds for the final task, which involved grabbing as many of the four hundred bananas that were scattered in the garden within the allotted time, while the gorilla 'roamed free'.

They were called to the garden where there was a grid containing 25 prizes and punishments. Happy New Year to all of our wonderful members They had to get on stage and dance within 30 seconds of being called by Big Brother. The series was sponsored by skincare brand Freederm [4] and was the first to use online voting via Facebook credits.

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