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Finally back from Florida and once again out from under a landslide of paperwork that was waiting at work for me.

Hexum was deadly dull and not known for having much talent beyond just standing there being pretty. Retro porn nude. I'm freaked out the the small, ghostly head over at the far right of the black cloth he's standing in front of.

Blessed with an unbelievably warm and deep voice, an expressive face and a sharp mind, he had the chops to be more than a flavor of the month hunk. Newer Post Older Post Home. At the time, Samms was known for her work in TV movies and, particularly, the daytime soap General Hospitalso the young couple could aid each other in making their names and faces known to more of the public. Jon erik hexum naked. From almost the moment this blog began, more than nine years ago, we've been waxing rhapsodic about the towering, gentle yet manly, bl You will enjoy them if you haven't already seen them.

Nobody's weirded out by the little girl above him?? He found work in a new series called Cover Upabout the adventures of a former Green Beret who works undercover as a model for a female CIA operative posing as a photographer. Here's another vintage beauty. Along with that challenge, I found that many stars' first appearances were as uncredited extras therefore hard to ID in obscure movies therefore hard to find in any formand that those whose early-years films I found easily might well have ended their careers in similarly obscure straight-to-video releases or in episodic TV, much of which is not floating around on the Internet.

R53 It's a nude - it's not porn. R7 is the exception. Nude black bitches pics. I think its totally appropriate that Jon-Erik should be featured. His big break was in Voyagers. My husband would have gotten a huge kick out of it! Williams, bulging with raw talent. Dead Meet Comments 0. Along the way he encounters all the usual situations such as the downward-spiraling fellow model, predatory homosexuals and so on.

This is for The Birds The guy in the picture is probably 18 but he has the hands and feet of a 60yo man. Preview Powered by FeedBlitz. Now Chest a Minute! If it's true that dogs pick up on your moods, I feel bad for my normally spunky little Shih Tzu; they must be moping and confused because I'm in one of my manic-depressions I'm rarely manic or depressive, I'm both at once that could be S.

Pictures were circa 's. Jon had been a true jock prior to his acting career.

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I have no idea what straight kids thought, but for me it was all about Jon-Erik and his eyes, his deep, resonant voice and his chest! The Roaring 20s, Prohibition. Kristen bell naked house of lies. Another great life taken away too early is American model and actor Jon-Erik Hexum.

As was the case with most series stars of that time, television movies were developed on the side in order to further showcase them. Could have been a photographic study for John Singer Sargent. I know my ancestors Texas were extremely clean and the woman had clean clothes for everyone everyday. And here's one from It's nature's way of wanting us to keep clean down there to prevent disease and infection from our shit. Was he a homo? October 02, at Nice to know his name.

Johns eyes are blue and that hick on the couches eyes are brown. Or helping hold up the curtain? Hexum's wonderful ass in gaberdine. Also, I hate to say it but i don't think Johns dick was as big. Then, one of the biggest cheese fests of all time, The Making of a Male Model. Big tit milf blow jobs. I had read a study about the sexual practices of men who admitted to being homosexual at the turn of the century.

Actor, model, college football, diver, penist, and all-around nice guy. Jon erik hexum naked. Ah, the dream of little gay boys. Unfortunately, a lapse in judgment and ignorance with regard to the danger of guns, even those loaded with blanks, led to the loss of what could have been one of the all-time greats.

Garbo's first film was for a department store, made to instruct viewers on how not to dress. But I'll never die. Makes me wonder what we'll be watching during the "family hour" 20 years from now. And his voice was so. Sexy milf in public. The guy at R52's link kinda does look like JEH. The maid wrote about how the "Young Master"--a 14 year boy came into the kitchen, raised her skirts and proceeded to fuck her as she peeled potatoes.

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Every now and then when you have too soft stools or diarrhea. Straight men don't think about the anus, period. Loving this vintage page from the past for several reasons: The guy in the picture is probably 18 but he has the hands and feet of a 60yo man.

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Neighbor milf anal Greg December 03, at As with quite a few of the posts on this site, the subject matter for this one will appeal particularly to those of us of a certain age, that age being old enough in to crawl over to the TV set and lick the screen up and down!
Nude girls in vietnam He died tragically, a sort of masculine counterpart to Marilyn Monroe, albeit one who died before he could reach true stardom rather than after having conquered it in every way imaginable.
Milf seduces son in law I have no idea what straight kids thought, but for me it was all about Jon-Erik and his eyes, his deep, resonant voice and his chest! I don't believe Jon was ever quoted as saying such.

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