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He is totally innocent and these evidence are so funny that find in everyone house. Pics of young girls tits. You all realize that the first payout settlement that was 25 million U. Nude michael jackson. Seven years ago this coming Saturday, the world lost an amazing artist and humanitarian devoted to helping children in need in all corners of the world.

Always associating with children. A raid on Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in led the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department to a large collection of pornography, including photos of nude children, 80 video recordings and animal torture and gore. They did, these are the findings from that search, now being publicly disclosed. Actually, black men and hispanic men rape at a far higher rate than white men.

Nobody has that many nude books of kids for art. Nude images of a nude male couple, another contained nude images of men from the s.

Taken on set from a Home Alone movie, comically signed by the actor. For example, if the visitor is in a coffee shop where there are a bunch of infected machines, but the specific visitor's machine is trusted e. Milf pooping porn. And some of the images found in the books and magazines seem to have been considered art rather than pornography, but many were of nude children, including full-frontal nudity of boys under A number of victims have come forward as have their parents.

He had Daddy issues and an inherent attraction to children. I did read the police report. That was and obviously is still a threat to certain people and they will go to and move the ends of the Earth to do whatever necessary to destroy him. He paid off the. This is what shoukd he discussed, not dead bad ass! OMG I love this video. Please leave him alone.

Use an open source, user friendly and privacy respecting alternatives, like Tor or Firefox. The full statement from the estate reads: Why didnt they search his house during all the court bullshit. It means the case was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt, or it could be that the jury overlooked the evidence due to who the defendant was.

Tri Light Sunset Stars. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. But since Gobbles oops! All you have to do is look at him! I agree with you why now?

Believe and think whatever you want and I will do the same.

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The only reason why people continue to defend him is because they cant reconcile in their own minds the thought that they were inspired or touched through music by someone who was a Pedophile and further that their support of his music enabled him in an extended way.

He shared his bed with them yes, but never at the same time. Videos of black naked women. I miss him a lot. Bunch of stupid assbags. Not only is there absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever, but I'm truly sick of this crap. What are you talking about other superstars — look how long it took to get Cosby or that Sandusky character 30 years of rumors before their actions became well known.

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French legal system is filthy. It says this repeatedly in the document. OMG I love this video. There were also Polaroids picturing seemingly pre-teen boys with their shirts off, posing provocatively. Why bring this up now? Not normal for a grown man.

I no from my own experiences the truth and so do others here but they are so brainwashed like a cult. Sexy girls in fast cars. Nude michael jackson. Is that the everyone you are referring to? Everything in these reports, including what the county of Santa Barbara calls "content that appears to be obtained off the internet or through unknown sources" is false, no doubt timed to the anniversary of Michael's passing.

If that would happen I think it is safe to say that it would cause the end of womankind everywhere! We had to go to training to be able to detect possible pedophiles and the training included videos of former offenders describing how they selected victims and got them to go along with abuse.

Alexkx, you are one stupid piece of horse crap. Legitimate journalists just shake their heads and turn away, while the tabloids and more complicit media like the LA Times have a field day. Amazon sold facial recognition software to law enforcement. With all of this being saidwhere are the victims? And why bring this up anyway? I guess it is easy to be in denial that amazing talent can come out of.

Have art, adult porn and when desperate stick faces of children on adult porn images. Pls leave him even now. Gifted to him cause they knew he loved nude kids? You all realize that the first payout settlement that was 25 million U.

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This technique may be used to sexualize and lower the inhibitions of a victim, according to the report. The absolute bottom line to all arguments for and against Jackson getting off of a heinous number of crimes against children is exactly THAT, he DID get away with it. They were art and photography books gifted to him by his many famous friends Reply. Tv stars naked pics. Nude michael jackson. He's the sexiest man I have ever seen! You must be part of that everyone crew. Swept it under the. Auschwitz naked women Jackson rented a storage unit and moved photographs, videotapes, hard drives, computers, diaries, and other evidence out of Neverland…imagine that episode of Storage Wars.

The Estate of Michael Jackson. GO to The web………. Use an open source, user friendly and privacy respecting alternatives, like Tor or Firefox. Michael remains just as innocent of these smears in death as he was in life even though he isn't here to defend himself. His music and showmanship were incredible, deep down we all know something more sinister was going on.

We identified five different boys, who all made allegations of sexual abuse.

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